for growing businesses has been a
pain for way too long.



Financial management systems (FMS) have never been within reach of small businesses.

Forcing us to rely on point tools to manage different parts of the transaction’s lifecycle with limited visibility and control.

But, it’s time to re-think, re-design, and re-build financial management for to be more inclusive of different businesses.

It’s time to change the way finance teams work.

Operational friction and challenges..

I don’t know what we’re doing with all these tools, there’s 8-10 of them!

It’s impossible to find anything!

Do you know what happened to that invoice?

The ONE payment with a problem and there’s no documentation.

Where’s the latest cash flow statement? What was our forecast this quarter?

The last one is 5 months old, this is pointless.

I sent the request, forwarded the approval mail, added a screenshot of the WhatsApp message, and shared the invoice with you in Slack. What?

Everyone please submit your bills by Tuesday, accounts is closing the books, you’ll only get reimbursed next month otherwise.

Make it difficult for finance teams to focus on the important stuff.

Creating a powerful, simple, flexible financial framework for your business.

Mitigate financial risk.

Increase business velocity and cash flow.

Forecast better, from the bottom-up.

Transform with business.

Analyze and optimize spends.

Balance agility with control.

Introducing a Financial Management System (FMS) designed for growing businesses.

Where transactions are lightning fast. Where operations are automated. Where visibility is always real-time. Where you’re always audit-ready. Where a remote work-force makes no difference…

(This One)


That drives all of the value at a fraction of the cost, and a fraction of the complexity.

Imagine an FMS that just works. No fuss. No complex customization. And no breaking your bank.

It’s exhilarating.

And we’d love for you to dive into this with us.

Help us shape what could very well become “THE” financial software the world loves.

It may not always happen (logistics, COVID, take your pick), but we’ll try to buy you a coffee for taking the time to talk to us.

Throw anything and everything at us - thoughts, notes, challenges and itches, wild ideas, anything you think can help us build better finance software.

Let’s change
the way
finance works.


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